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A few years ago, CBD became a household name, with products often seen at gas stations, party stores and Family Video. However, many people still have a false impression of what CBD is, how it can help and who it's for.

There's undoubtedly been lots of talk surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine in recent months, especially as it relates to pregnancy. Recently, Dr. Mike Tsimis, a board-certified maternal-fetal medicine physician with Spectrum Health, shared current knowledge on the topic, offered advice for patients, dispelled myths and more.

Aristotle once said that humans, by nature, are social animals. So, when public health concerns dictated a need to distance ourselves from each other, it was easy to feel lonely and isolated. What better time than now to practice self-care?

Vacations can be transformative. They take you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to new sights, tastes and adventures.

Have you heard of a pelvic floor PT? Do you crinkle your face up trying to imagine what in the world these professionals could possibly do all day? You're not alone.

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