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Despite advances by the medical community and advocates—and despite declining breast cancer death rates—a stubborn truth remains: More than 40,000 women and men in the United States die of breast cancer each year.

I don't know about any of you, but as a teen I totally failed in the skincare department. I had breakouts constantly. And just when I thought they were going away, a new one would start. I couldn't fight the urge to pick at the blemishes, which always made it worse. (Seriously. How hard is it to not pick at them, though?!)

With any relationship, you get to know someone better through consistent communication. Your physician is no different. Visiting your physician annually—especially when you're healthy—allows your physician to get to know you and your health better, enabling him or her to detect health concerns early on.

Freshman year of college can be a big transition for students who go from living with their parents to living on their own. The newfound freedom that comes with creating your own routine and making all of your own decisions can negatively impact you if you decide to lead a sedentary lifestyle or overindulge in cafeteria meals.

Fish is a great meal after a day at the lake. As a low-fat source of protein and hearth-healthy omega-3s, fish provide a lot of great health benefits. However, fish are also packed with chemicals from swimming in bodies of water that have been polluted with PCBs, dioxins, mercury and other substances.

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