Borderline Personality Disorder: New Class for Friends and Family Members

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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is one of the most misunderstood and stigmatized of all mental health conditions.

Affecting approximately 1.5% of adults in the country, BPD centers primarily on the inability to manage emotions effectively, and often co-occurs with other serious mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, substance use disorders and disordered eating.

BPD can present significant challenges for both those who are diagnosed with the condition and their loved ones. For those supporting someone with BPD, navigating the complexities of their intense emotions and behaviors can be overwhelming.

A new class at Pine Rest offers support and coping tools for those who have loved ones diagnosed with BPD. The four-session series is specifically designed to provide participants with a deeper understanding of BPD and equip them with practical tools for effective coping. The sessions combine education with open discussions, creating a supportive environment for participants to share experiences and learn from each other. The class welcomes family members, friends and loved ones aged 16 and up.

Over the course of four weeks, each 90-minute session explores the various aspects of BPD and its management:

  • Session 1: Understanding BPD lays the foundation for the series, providing essential insights into the nature of the disorder.
  • Session 2: Mindfulness in Relationships explores the role of mindfulness techniques in fostering healthier interactions and managing emotional intensity.
  • Session 3: Communication Skills focuses on effective communication strategies that promote understanding and empathy within relationships affected by BPD.
  • Session 4: Validation Skills rounds off the series by offering practical techniques for validating emotions and experiences, fostering connection and reducing conflict.

Classes are offered at various times throughout the year. Cost is $125 for the first family member, $75 for additional family members. For more information, about Family & Friends of Loved Ones with BPD, call the Pine Rest Northwest Clinic at 616.222.3720

Courtesy of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services.

Photo Courtesy of FG Trade Latin/Getty Images.


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