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Did you know, nowadays, adults spend more time in their cars than outside? Between commutes to work, picking up and dropping off the kids, and driving to the grocery store, salon or doctor's office—it's not so hard to believe! When you have all these necessary trips to make, who really has time to go outside, just for the fun of it?

Finally, warm weather is upon us! With the changing of seasons though, come allergies. While most welcome the summer season, allergy victims are constantly battling nasal congestion, sneezing and watery, itchy eyes.

If you're reading this article, chances are a women's retreat is something you're interested in and need. We'll take you through a few highlights, to show you the value and importance of a little time away at the Holistic Health Retreats from KH Counseling Services. Because in this case, a little does go a long way.

Raging hormones. Bloating. Cramps that make your uterus feel like is falling out ... If periods are a natural part of life, could we at least agree that nature is criminal? From the first period of preteen puberty to the final pause of menopause—and every embarrassing leak, stain and story in between—what exactly is going on? And when do you know if something is wrong?

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