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The vagina, during stimulation and arousal, will sometimes produce its own lubrication. However, there are many things that impact that natural production of vaginal lubricant. When this occurs, lubricants can be a wonderful tool to enhance both partnered and solo sexual activities.

Jean-Marie Cartier, MTCM, R.Ac., first tried acupuncture when she was experiencing acute pain no other treatment could help ease.

West Michigan Woman has teamed up with Dr. Jeanne Eyde, D.O., board-certified ENT, Facial Plastic Surgeon practicing Aesthetic Medicine at Grand Pearl Spa, a division of Plastic Surgery Associates, and Medical & Wellness Director at Urban You – Beauty Bar, to bring you a vlog series about health, beauty, and wellness.

An important component of healthy aging in an unhealthy world is the mind-body connection.

Nikki Deene* felt her world come crashing down the night she discovered her husband was obsessed with watching pornography—using it up to four hours a day, which led to the one-night stand she learned about that same night.

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