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My stomach tenses with nerves and anxiety as I sit in the cold, blue-tinted doctor's office. She's told me I have secondary amenorrhea. My bone density is far lower than it should be for an athletic 18-year-old. She wants me to eat more. I can't do that: Doesn't she know I'd gain weight? Unacceptable.

Though the vagina itself isn't the be-all-end-all of your sex life, it's vital to know it could negatively impact your sex life if not kept healthy—and greatly improve it, when healthy.

When Leola Lewis was 26 years old, she suffered a severe stroke. Despite high blood pressure, high cholesterol and her family history, she didn't see it coming. After a six-week hospital stay, Lewis worked hard during inpatient rehabilitation.

You've likely heard about CBD oil recently and seen it being infused in everyday items such as dog treats, gummies, skincare—even ice cream. But, what is it?

Do you ever have that moment when you are talking with someone or working on a task and your mind just goes blank? As women, we feel that we always need to be on our "A" game, so brain fog is not welcome.

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