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Part time capsule, part treasure chest ... Some women find our closets hold more than just clothing. It's a glimpse into the lives we've led, the people we were and the people we hope to become.

The sad reality: Women are fumbling with styling their booties with their jeans. And ladies? It shows ...

It's well known that a great music playlist can fuel your workout routine. Also worth trying is fun and fashionable clothing, to motivate your every move. Gina's Boutique owner Gina Van Timmeren found workout wear was a smart addition to her already impressive repertoire of denim, trendy tops and accessories.

Designer deals, gently used items and brand new cast-offs are what you can expect in this sampling of consignment stores. Happy hunting!

It's called dry cleaning because there's no water in the process. Your clothes go into a machine, much like a front load washer-dryer combo—but on steroids! Your clothes get sloshed around in liquid, just like your machine at home. However, the liquid in the dry cleaning machine has no H2O.

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