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Want to do a little something sweet for yourselfor for your skin, for that matter? When it comes to taking care of your skin, you can never be too careful or too indulgent. Sweet, simple, summer scents and products that are naturally good for you can be found at Från Krämer Organics. The online Etsy storefront is where owner Joanna Brink, of East Grand Rapids, specializes in handcrafted skin care goods that are created using all natural, organic ingredients in their unrefined form.

Whether you’ve lived in a home that needs updating or just have a specific room or corner that begs for some help, Dann Boyles, owner of Rebel.Reclaimed, feels your décor pain. Boyles has a background in design with fourteen years of experience, and through his design-driven boutique on East Fulton Street he offers in-home consulting services sure to give your surroundings the creative boost they’re missing. 

Grab a fancy dress, some skinny jeans, and your dancing shoes, but make sure they are white for The Ultra All White Affair on May 26. Held at Eve inside The B.O.B., this party’s location is a classy lounge that’s sleek, intimate and (you guessed it) white, with coves and corners for privacy and conversation.  

Treat yourself to a fantasyland of clothing and candy at the Runway for Charity fashion show. The Design 1 Fashion Event is now called Runway for Charity—and while proceeds still benefit the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, one thing is for certain: Everyone involved is going to have a darn good time doing it. 

Fashion and art rub elbows at the annual There’s No Place Like Home Fashion Show held April 24 at the Goei Center in Grand Rapids. This event benefits Liz’s House and Bridge Street Place, housing communities of Dwelling Place, to continue to offer support to women who are homeless and/or victims of domestic violence. 

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