Fall Fashion Trends

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It's a whole new season—with cools trends to try and new clothes to consider. West Michigan Woman teamed up with Gina's Boutique owner Gina Van Timmeren for a fun fall update.


According to Van Timmeren, the overall vibe will be pure 1970s. This means you'll be smart to stock up on chunky knits, turtlenecks, and flared denim. "You'll be seeing more flares than we've seen in the past, which is a nice break from the skinny jean trend. We've been wearing them so long we forget how flattering flares can be. They elongate your legs." Play up this natural and easygoing era with equally '70s-esque additions such as chunky platform shoes, jumpsuits, wrap dresses, and hats. If you're daring, latch onto some disco inspiration. When it comes to colors, our boutique expert predicts "a lot of white going forward into fall—a wintery cream, army greens." And, of course, the classic browns and greys of the season.

For more on this fall's fashion trends, click here to read the entire article in the digital edition of West Michigan Woman magazine.

Photos courtesy of Gina's Boutique.


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