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Over the years, I’ve sat down with prospective divorce clients only to hear them start the conversation with, “I want a bulldog for a lawyer.” Given the situation clients go through during a divorce, this gut response isn’t an unreasonable one. Oftentimes, the point a spouse actually files for divorce is long removed from the point the relationship started to go downhill. In these situations, the couple has had weeks, months, or even years of pent-up anger and animosity towards one another that they instinctively want to unleash during the divorce proceedings. They want a bulldog, a cut-throat. They want Floyd Mayweather in a nicely tailored suit to put the proverbial hurt on their soon-to-be ex. In short, they want blood.

Parents sending their children off to college for the first time typically have prepared years in advance for the big occasion. And since tuition rates continue to increase, parents are, more than ever, focused on having their child be successful and graduate, said David Porter, founder of a firm that designs campuswide dining programs and dining halls at colleges throughout North America, and author of The Porter Principles: Retain & Recruit Students & Alumni, Save Millions on Dining and Stop Letting Food Service Contractors Eat Your Lunch.

5 Real-Life Tips for Widowhood

For the perfect Midwest spring and summer destination, go Dutch to Holland, Michigan. Our Tulip Time Festival is renowned, but what happens after the klompen go back on the shoe rack and the tulips go back in their bulbs? 

When you or your loved one needs nursing care, here are ten questions to ask when looking for nursing home placement.

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