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It’s not your imagination: You’re getting less time with your doctor.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

“It’s so hard finding time for each other.” “I just don’t seem to want to anymore.” “I’ve never tried anything like this before. Where do I start?”

In the movies, the end of a relationship for a woman is usually commemorated with tears and ice cream amongst friends, while poignant, heartbreaking music plays on repeat in the background. Later (depending on how long the movie is), those same women are generally found around a bonfire (graciously provided by the ex’s personal effects), sipping wine and listening to songs about women’s empowerment.

People who work in an environment where doing their best is recognized have a better chance of feeling good about their work and a better chance of becoming successful producers who enjoy pleasing customers. Genuine praise goes a long way in helping workers stay productive, especially when demands are high. When it comes to appreciation, it's often not given, infrequent, or ineffective.

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