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For many women in West Michigan having “girl time” is a consistent priority. It represents a moment to laugh, relate, and bond with your friends. “Girl’s Night Out” generally entails dinner and/or drinks at a local bar. While it’s definitely fun to try new restaurants and laugh over a glass of wine, this choice isn’t for everyone. Eating out can be bad for your budget, many women tend to order more than they originally intended and at the end of the night they regret the bill sitting in front of them. It can be bad for your health; at a restaurant it’s hard to count calories or order a healthy option. With so many menu items it’s also difficult to really be sure of the ingredients; it can be misleading (that lite Caesar dressing actually has fifty grams of fat FYI). It’s also difficult to talk with everyone; if there are more than four people present, long table syndrome can kick in–when you are stuck at a table and can only talk to friends at either side of you, it’s hard to mingle because you are at a sit-down dinner, and it’s always a little awkward.

Looking for an easy way to meet other moms in the West Michigan area? How about getting some great discounts while making great friends? Moms in Tow was created by Jenny Los White in 2009 with the goal of providing moms with an outlet to connect and enjoy each other's company. Since then, the site has grown to include five hundred members throughout Grand Rapids and Holland. Here’s the scoop: moms pay an annual fee of $37 and receive a membership card and login to the site. The membership card provides moms with discounts to local area businesses such as Gazelle Sports and Hop Scotch Children’s Boutique as well as unlimited access to website’s calendar of activities.

Love is in the air, wedding bells are chiming left and right, and you need a date! Grand Rapids native and wedding connoisseur Michelle Weber shared some helpful advice to ensure your plus one is a hit not a miss.

These days, it's not a matter of if but when children will graduate from high school and head off to college. But even if higher education is the new norm, it's never easy for parents to pack up their kids and leave them in a dorm room.

Teenagers use baseball metaphors to explain sexual progress, but for grown-up advice, football may be better, especially for women.

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