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Parents today contend not only with yesterday’s worries–drug abuse, bullying, teenage sex, and delinquency–but new challenges. The digital age has introduced adult predators and other online hazards, and body-altering decorating such as tattoos and piercing's are popular temptations, says James G. Wellborn, a clinical psychologist with eighteen years of experience working with parents and teens.

According to the 2007 US Census, 30.4 percent of businesses in Michigan were owned by women. As of July that year, there were nearly ten million people living in Michigan, which means 3,002,260 women in Michigan owned businesses. Exact percentages for working mothers in Michigan were not available, but with approximately three million women business owners, the number of moms who manage a career as well as a household is high. So is it becoming more socially acceptable for moms to work full time outside of the home? Do full time stay at home moms have it easier? We asked Grand Valley State University professor of gender economics Sonia Dalmia to explain the relationship between mothers who work full time outside and inside of the home.

No one wants to deliver unwelcome news. It's no fun for both the recipient and the messenger. But sometimes it’s a necessary evil of doing business, and you’re the unfortunate soul who has to bear the burden. Here are five tips to mitigate the drama:

Oh baby! Yoga is a new parent/child interaction class that combines yoga movements and life lessons to bring fun and a feeling of connection to families in Grand Rapids.

It has been my observation that people are not very good listeners and they are usually not interested in other people unless it has some direct bearing on their own lives. When they ask you how you are, they expect you to say, "I'm fine, thanks, and how are you?" They don't expect you to really tell them how you are doing. And if, by chance, you should make the egregious mistake of actually answering the question, they are often thinking about what they are going to respond before you finish talking because they don't care enough about what you are saying.

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