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Video games, mobile phones, television, and other modern technology can be huge distractions for children in their free time. With a long break upon us, you may be looking for extracurricular activities to keep your child meaningfully engaged for the summer.

When I divorced just shy of 40, I had no interest in dating, let alone marriage. I imagine a lot of people feel that way.

May is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. With thirty percent of dogs suffering from a type of pet cancer—approximately 1 in 4 will develop the disease in their lifetime—it is important to understand the risks and warning signs associated with cancer in our canine friends.

Grand Rapids Downtown Market "Simmer" Camps are an exciting way to get the kids out of the house and help them learn to cook, bake, and harvest.

During the summer, most parents default to enrolling their child in a general summer camp or sports clinic. But what if there was an option for kids to explore an academic interest and build a competitive edge in the classroom?

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