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Jen Delvaux, a wellness coach, mother to Drew and Maddie, and wife, fell into the health and fitness world by accident. After working to get herself on a healthy track years ago and falling in love with the process, she now works to help other women also discover the joy she found in being active and prioritizing overall wellness.

Valencia Agnew, Ph.D., DBTC, is a firm believer in showing up and doing the best she can. Though she acknowledges that means not always getting things right on the first try, she's not one to give anything less than her all.

Tae Otte's goal as the new director of girls' hockey at the Grand Rapids Amateur Hockey Association is to spread the sport far and wide. While GRAHA has had a girls' hockey program for years, with 107 players playing across five teams last season, there are still many age groups and skill levels to reach.

When you step into the Olivia Grace & Company costume closet at the Holland home of Olivia Haines-Robey, you're immediately met with a flurry of vibrant hues, varying textures, and sparkling accessories so bright, you might need to pull out your shades. This not-often-seen space offers a look inside why spreading joy and delivering magic right to your doorstep is what it's all about for Haines-Robey.

Looking back to a year ago from now can make your head spin a bit. As of June 1, 2020, real estate in West Michigan was just beginning to see some restrictions lifted with the rescinding of the "Safer at Home" order in Michigan.

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