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St. Cecilia Music Center's Executive and Artistic Director since 2006, Cathy Holbrook has held a leadership role in non-profit arts organizations around the country for over 30 years. No stranger to the music world, Holbrook was also once personal assistant to world-renowned pianist, composer and conductor André Previn.

Our lives wouldn't be what they are without the stellar local establishments found around every corner of West Michigan, from the newly founded to the well-established and everything in between. Those local staples are what the West Michigan Woman Readers' Choice Awards are all about.

Robyn Gobbel, MSW is a licensed therapist, author, educator, podcaster and community creator whose 20-year career has been dedicated to serving the families of children with histories of complex trauma.

Since 2010, Liz Della Croce has grown a loyal following of health-conscious readers from all over the world as creator and author of The Lemon Bowl®, a healthy food and travel blog. Focusing on seasonal ingredients and whole foods, Liz's recipes are inspired by global flavors, including the Syrian and Jewish dishes of her childhood.

It's not surprising to learn that throughout her life, Dr. Diana Bitner has garnered an incredible number of lessons. But of them all, a select few serve as a compass, guiding her passion for helping women live happy and healthy lives.

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