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Women of Achievement & Courage in Healthcare – West Michigan

February 7, 2014, is National Wear Red Day, created to raise awareness of heart disease as the No. 1 killer of women. Many women don’t know their risks for or facts on heart disease, or that stroke is a cardiovascular condition. Madelyn Mazzone-Wong, a forty-six-year-old mother of two and former nurse, is a stroke survivor who’s still learning and doing—with her humor and both feet firmly in reality. 

Lisa Brown-Miller constantly breaks the mold. The first time she played hockey at a local rink, she was the only girl on the ice. And in 1998, she was a member of the first U.S.A. women’s Olympic hockey team—not to mention a key player in clinching the gold medal. Lisa is a powerhouse career woman and always working to be the best mom she can be. From Nagano, Japan, to Holland, Michigan, she’s got her eye on the prize. 

Is Grand Rapids Public Schools district is a place to learn, to dream, and to feel safe and accomplished? Is it a place where employees love to come to work, and where students want to go to school? Is it a place where parents and students can celebrate agents of change? With Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal, it will be. A once frail school district will be mighty again because of the lifelong passion and indestructible determination of Teresa and her purpose-driven dream.

Sara Sherry wasn't content settling for an administrative position. She wanted to climb to the top. But Sara's ambitions deterred potential employers, and several interviews and no job later, Sara had enough. She and a college friend launched Mixed Staffing and Recruiting and went about educating employees about the importance of job preparedness in an effort to place women and minorities in the jobs of their dreams. 

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