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Alice was a troubled real estate agent. She loved her job, and was happy with her occupation and with the company and other agents she worked with, but wanted to meet with us regarding her self-inflicted problems. She was creating her own roadblocks to attaining more wealth. Alice was having a hard time with her confidence. She had self-defeating perceptions, due to dealing with the wealth she was creating. She needed confirmation.

Many women enter the job force after raising their children, typically earning less than equally educated male counterparts and statistically living longer than these same males. The amount of money women need to save for retirement is greater than males need, and it has to last longer.

If you are not single yet, plan to become single. And plan to live well. Statistically it will happen, and you must already be savvy in many important lifestyle areas.  

Do you want to make a huge difference for your future descendants and their descendants? If so, do this exercise: Write down a list of your descendants, including the young babies. 

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