Inforum Leadership Programs Accepting Applications

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Inforum Center for Leadership is now accepting applications for its flagship program, Executive Leadership, and its newest talent development program, Genuine Leadership Presence.

 Executive Leadership is an action-learning program for women directors and managers, designed to hone their executive leadership, emotional intelligence skills, and organizational impact.

Candidates have eight to twelve years of management experience, are self-motivated, and are committed to a long-term focus on personal leadership development. They are enterprise-wide leaders who are facing intense competitive pressures, market-related challenges, or major internal organizational changes.

Sessions take place beginning in March, through June. Applications are due December 3, 2014. Click here for more information about the Executive Leadership program.

Genuine Leadership Presence is an experiential program for women leaders that increases self-awareness, leverages the power of reputation, and focuses on leadership presence.

Candidates are managers transitioning to a director level position, new executives, senior executives, or leaders who desire or have received feedback to focus on their leadership presence.

Sessions take place March 24, April 28, and June 2, 2015. Applications are due February 10.

Click here for more information about the Genuine Leadership Presence program.


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