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If someone tells you to change your investment portfolio because the market has changed, you definitely should NOT listen to that person!  

Eli and Hilda didn’t want to leave a mess for their children, but they just could not bring themselves to get their legal documents completed. They went to the estate planning attorney and got all their questions answered and documents drafted. Then they brought the documents home to read over and to sign. But as the weeks dragged on, they did not sign the documents.

Do you know what effect you want to have on the world? Do you know the true purpose for your life? Before you start investing, you need to know your values and beliefs in order to establish your goals. Then, your life decisions will be easier to make: Each decision needs to be consistent with your beliefs, so you will feel satisfaction and contentment.  

Do you know how much your co-workers make? How about your friends? Money isn’t always the easiest thing to discuss, and when you add in workplace dynamics, it only gets trickier.

Stories of workplace bullying are commonplace throughout the United States.

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