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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples have had to make difficult decisions about their special day—whether postponing their wedding by an entire year or shifting their plans to a smaller outdoor event (hopefully) in the months ahead.

I'll have to admit that when the stay-at-home orders were extended, I suddenly felt boredom settling in. Like many others, I've started a new hobby, finished a puzzle, baked banana bread (using this delicious recipe from our friends at Egypt Valley Country Club) and watched every show suggested by the West Michigan Woman team.

It's no doubt that social distancing has affected us all. Day in and day out, we're watching bad news unfold in front of us. The presence of COVID-19 in our communities and in our homes is, undoubtedly, impacting our mental health. For some of us, our days are filled with stress and anxiety, which is why it's such a critical time to acknowledge the difference between self-comfort and self-care.

Broadway has gone dark, but you can watch hit plays at home.

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