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After a little reflection this morning and a chat with my always-wise dad, I realized that when faced with the unknown—like many of us currently are in the wake of COVID-19—you have a choice to make: You can either be anxious, afraid, and stressed or you can choose to focus on the things you can control.

Have you ever been scrolling through your timeline and come across an inspirational or touching story that truly moved you?

In anticipation of International Women's Day, March 8, the West Michigan Woman team got together to share favorite stories of women supporting each other and victories for women—locally, around the world and even in space this past year.

We were already a three-cat household when we heard faint cries from our backyard on a rainy November night.

With the joyous holiday season behind us, the rest of winter could seem especially daunting. Even those winter fanatics among us will likely relate to these 14 thoughts we've all probably pondered ourselves, at least once a year.  

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