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While considered mostly a nuisance, the common cold's impact is widespread when you factor in the health care costs and lost wages to sick days. An estimated 1 billion colds occur annually. Adults on average get two to three a year, while kids can get up to six.

"The chance to love and be loved exists no matter where you are," Oprah said. When given the opportunity to write to our readers on a topic of our choice, we always have such difficulty narrowing down our options. If you've ever met me, you know I typically have plenty to say about everything! Today, I decided to stick with the general topic covering the majority of questions I'm asked on a daily basis in my practice.

Caring for aging parents or other senior loved ones can be tough on many levels, and the associated roller coaster of emotion is often difficult to manage. If you've ever kept a diary, you probably know that writing is a therapeutic form of self-expression known to relieve anxiety and stress.

"The truth is," Tammy Myers said, "breast cancer isn't limited to those who have a family history, high body weight, lower activity level—to those who consume more alcohol or even those who smoke. It can attack any woman, at any age."

We all experience moments of absolute chaos. Our emotions can overwhelm us, overriding our better instincts to resist crying, striking out, running away, screaming or saying something hurtful. As a result, we feel remorse—or even embarrassment—when our strong emotions subside. Practicing some basic mindfulness skills daily can help us find calm when chaos strikes again.

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