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With any relationship, you get to know someone better through consistent communication. Your physician is no different. Visiting your physician annually—especially when you're healthy—allows your physician to get to know you and your health better, enabling him or her to detect health concerns early on.

Freshman year of college can be a big transition for students who go from living with their parents to living on their own. The newfound freedom that comes with creating your own routine and making all of your own decisions can negatively impact you if you decide to lead a sedentary lifestyle or overindulge in cafeteria meals.

Fish is a great meal after a day at the lake. As a low-fat source of protein and hearth-healthy omega-3s, fish provide a lot of great health benefits. However, fish are also packed with chemicals from swimming in bodies of water that have been polluted with PCBs, dioxins, mercury and other substances.

It's no secret that beverages such as regular sodas, sweetened iced tea, energy drinks and sports drinks contain a lot of sugar, empty calories and little nutrition. Even flavored waters and fruit drinks—which, thanks to slick advertising, sound healthy—are packed with added sugars. By cutting back on sugar-sweetened beverages and drinking water instead, you can save money and keep your body healthier.

A six-inch abdominal incision, hormones for untimely menopause, a four-day hospital stay and an eight-week recovery. With a history of hysterectomies like that, no woman wants to hear she needs one. The hysterectomy of today, however, isn't your mother's hysterectomy of 20 or more years ago.

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