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Raging hormones. Bloating. Cramps that make your uterus feel like is falling out ... If periods are a natural part of life, could we at least agree that nature is criminal? From the first period of preteen puberty to the final pause of menopause—and every embarrassing leak, stain and story in between—what exactly is going on? And when do you know if something is wrong?

Workplace wellness programs do more than help employees shed a few pounds. They help employees reduce workplace stress, feel happier, teach work-life balance and financial wellness—and adopt healthy habits for life. The result? Increased workplace productivity, mental health awareness, and an improved ability to handle and manage stress.

If asked, I am sure many would know their cholesterol level, blood pressure and maybe even fasting blood glucose. These are routinely checked and are used for markers to diagnosis disease. What about your vitamin D level? How many know that? Our vitamin D level can also be considered a snapshot to our overall health.

The new year brings to light many changes for people, including the goal to become healthier. Because of this, I am often asked if taking vitamins and other supplements are necessary. The simple answer? Yes.

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