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"I've tried everything and still can't seem to lose weight."

As a new year arrives, you may be thinking about resolutions. And while it doesn't hurt to set intentions, be nice to yourself! Don't go into a new year already thinking only about the things you could improve. First, celebrate what you're already amazing at and set reasonable goals that are rooted in what will make you feel good—not what others may expect of you. For more, we asked the experts for insight on making the best of 2022.

Though it can be difficult to remain motivated to get up and move around as the colder months arrive and the sun begins to set seemingly as soon as it rises, it's vital to keep an active routine for not only your physical health, but your mental health, as well.

I'm old enough to have lived through the United States Bicentennial (though I was a little girl at the time). For whatever reason, I was particularly enamored with all the fanfare and declared to everyone that I would live to see the Tricentennial. Not an impossible feat; people do live into their hundreds. But, what I didn't plan for was getting breast cancer—and that now I'll be lucky if I make it to 60.

The shift in roles when sending a child away to college is as scary and significant as the change in roles when you become a new parent. You've spent years actively protecting, teaching and directing the daily life of your child—you were in charge and responsible. Now, your role and responsibilities are completely changing.

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