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Another bright sunny day deserves a stroll—and we've picked the charming city of Rockford for our shopping fix. It's too easy to be tempted by restaurants promising gourmet goodies, ice cream shops with a sugary perfume, and a winery where you can fill up growlers with homemade root beer. There are all sorts of interesting little storefronts that make this area the perfect day trip.

If you can tear yourself away from the boardwalk and all of the sun and sand, Grand Haven has some great boutique shopping that's filled with unique local flavor. Find some new favorite shops or visit your tried-and-true spots—and shop until you drop back onto that beach towel for some more rays.

When sun and sand get to be too much, there's always plenty of shopping awaiting you in Saugatuck/Douglas. Cool down with a few trips into some boutiques for sundresses, beach towels, and sunglasses—and find a way to put them to good use. Here are a few selections to pique your curiosity ...

If you're up for some destination shopping, East Grand Rapids is home to many clothing and home décor boutiques. When the weather is nice, stroll the collective of neighborhood boutiques for necessities and gifts, and treat yourself to shopping in one charming spot.

One of the nicest things about summer is brightly colored toes and open, airy sandals. Pick a bold color and show them what it means to look good from head to toe. Besides, it might take the focus off of your summer hair issues. (Anyone else frizzy?)

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