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If a focused skincare and makeup lesson for the new spring season intrigues you, Aura Skincare & Cosmetics and Design 1 Salon Spa are ready to show you the way with their Spring Update Artist Session.

As the spring and summer season arrives, some of us color and lighten our hair, our skin begins to tan, and we switch from heavy sweaters to lighter, breezier fabrics. When you consider that style upheaval, it makes sense to bring your skincare and makeup routine around to reflect the season's popular colors and to match the rest of your style.

"We look at the trends we have for spring and our client's lifestyle and interests and blend the two," said Chris McCarthy-Kragt, General Manager at Aura Skincare & Cosmetics located in Design 1 Salon Spa.

It's a way to freshen up for spring that's fun, affordable and worth the time. Whether you have a 10-minute morning routine or like to experiment with makeup and have more time to play, the Aura artist team at Design 1 Salon Spa tailor-fits the service to your needs.

"Skincare is obvious—it's out of our control with seasonal changes and the sun, heat and humidity. We're changing with the seasons and it's a trickle-down effect. We need to tweak our makeup as well," said McCarthy-Kragt. With our skin color darkening there are changes in foundation, concealer and mineral powder. "We help women walk through that, so they aren't fumbling on their own."

And you won't believe the cost: A Seasonal Update is offered year-round for an hour and 15 minutes and features application, along with an educational face chart with written-down advice for $50. During the spring promotion timeline (now!), the service is complementary with the purchase of $50 or more in product. If you purchase more than $100 in product, a complementary gift of skincare or makeup is offered. Guests will be able to choose from the salon's Aura Skincare & Cosmetics line as well as a few other brands.

Products revolve around this season's theme: GLOW. "We have skincare that helps the skin to have its own natural luminosity—everything we are launching fits into that category whether skincare or makeup." Look for illuminating primers and powders for prep and finish to produce that desired glow. "Our artists like to teach women how to maximize their own wonderful features and show them how to put their best face forward."

FUN FACT: Guests are encouraged to bring in their own makeup products for examining, to work with what they currently have and for education on how to properly use what already exists in their life.

Head online to Design 1 Salon Spa's website at www.design1.com to view all five locations. Spring Updates officially launch April 12 and run through June 16, 2017. They are available Monday through Friday.

Written by Missy Black, a footwear fanatic, style child and contributing writer for West Michigan Woman.

Photo courtesy of Aura. 

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