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Recently, I had the pleasure of having a photo shoot with Elise Kutt, Photographer and Owner of Mod Bettie Portrait Boutique—something I'd been wanting to do for years. I'd marveled at the many gorgeous images shared by my friends and acquaintances over the years from their own sessions (ranging from personal branding to boudoir and everything in between) and had always thought, "Wow. How beautiful! One day, I'll do that, too."

Twenty-six years ago, my world shifted forever the moment I held my 7 pound, 8 ounce, 21-inch-long baby boy. I knew right then that I would do everything I could to raise this tiny human, whom I already loved deeply, to be the best version of himself.

Every January since 2010 has been recognized as National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness and educating the public on how to recognize when a human trafficking crime is taking place.

VD, crabs, the clap ... depending on the era you grew up, any of these terms may have been tossed around when talking about sexually transmitted infections or diseases. And with them, (un)healthy amounts of shame and embarrassment. Today, these old expressions are used less and less, but even saying STD is becoming passé in favor of the often more accurate STI. This may just sound like semantics, but how we talk more constructively about STIs begins with the language we use to describe them and the ways we approach conversations around them in our personal lives.

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