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“Did I do OK?” Milly asked, as she showed me her two-month-old annuity policy. She had purchased an annuity with fifteen years of level surrender charges! I could not believe my eyes, and looked twice to make sure I was reading it correctly. She was stuck. The best thing she could do now was to invest the rest of her money to working harder, or pay the penalties and call it “investment tuition.” 

Women, if you don’t want to outlive your money, you need to understand your investment portfolio!  

You’ve seen the ads: Anyone could trade online! Sometimes it’s a talking baby, sometimes it’s an airplane flying through the air pulling a banner telling you to invest online. The baby shows you how easy it is to trade just with a click of your mouse, at $9.99 per trade—what a deal! When you check it out, you find that you could get even a cheaper deal, if you make 150 trades per quarter (600 trades a year). It looks like your trades become more affordable, at $7.99 per trade.  But ignore the online trading hype!

Now that the election is over, investors are in a dilemma, wondering what the future has in store for their investment portfolios. The reality is that while elections may have short-term impact on the markets, over time, their impact is minimal. The global Free Market is a lifetime academic strategy based on capitalism, which always finds a way to thrive, even through the toughest of times. 

Betty, one of our retiree clients, must make a pension decision soon—and she does not want any retirement income stress! She could do nothing, leave it in a fixed account with a guaranteed lifetime income, or move it tax-free to her IRA. She is confused on what is best for her future.

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