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Make the most of your money.

Gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals are beautiful on you, but they don’t make good investments, according to Maria J. Wordhouse Kuitula and Phyllis J. Veltman Wordhouse, Free Market Wealth and Stewardship Coaches. Read on for their take on the pitfalls of investing in gold. 

Rolling a 403(b) or 457 plan account into an IRA could be worth consideration for many retirees. Making a switch may provide access to greater investment flexibility, portability, and the value of professional management during retirement.

Writing a will is not as simple as it sounds. For most people, it requires important decisions on how to divide assets, who to select as an executor and beneficiaries, what to do about amounts owed by you and debts owed to you, and how to adequately provide for children, among other considerations. 

The current economic and market environment has prompted many Americans to rethink their retirement strategies. If you are experiencing a job transition—particularly if the transition is unplanned and unexpected—such a reassessment may be particularly important for you. While it may be tempting to focus more on your immediate needs, you should not lose sight of long-term goals, especially your retirement strategy. 

Investors have many difficult decisions to make, in each stage of their lives, and every financial decision is based on your virtues. You must do what is best for your family throughout all of your and their financial life’s stages.

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