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Security breaches aren't uncommon. Remember when more than 530 million Facebook users' personal data was lifted in a breach sometime during 2019 and subsequently made available in a public database? Instances like this demonstrate how vital it is to be prepared in the case that your information becomes compromised—and even if it hasn't.

Around Easter time, it's not uncommon to see bunnies everywhere—from chocolates, to coloring books, stuffed toys and more. But Caledonia-based Lavender Life Company is giving a whole new meaning to these furry friends with their therapeutic Xander Bunny. The company, co-owned by husband and wife team Vic and Vickie Bennett, started with a purpose: To ensure each child in foster care—all 420,000 of them—knows they are loved.

It was never my goal to become the poster child for mental health. What I have set out to do or hope to do by telling my story, is to eliminate the stigma around depression, anxiety, etc. This never-ending pandemic has given mental health visibility and acceptance none of us could have foreseen. For that, I am incredibly grateful.

Though Teacher Appreciation Week isn't officially until the first week in May, we think it's always a good idea to show the teachers and afterschool professionals in your life they're appreciated—especially right now!

Though overwhelmed with joy to welcome their twins to the world at the start of the year, Tammy Myers and her husband, Jordan Myers, are facing adversity as a result of an outdated and little-known Michigan law. But that isn't the only reason their journey to expand their family has been a difficult one.

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