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As we approach yet another Thanksgiving holiday, it's important, as always, to take a moment to reflect upon the things you're thankful for in life.

Those who risk their lives to serve our country deserve to be taken care of. Though many organizations do incredible work to support our nation's veterans, unfortunately, we know this isn't always the case and more could always be done.

Many of us can easily remember Bob Barker closing out every episode of "The Price is Right" with his iconic saying:

I can't recall when I first learned about self-love. I'm sure it was in the last five years or so—nowadays it seems like everyone is familiar with the term. I do believe, however, that the concept of self-love had been waiting for me to discover it for a while.

In the face of adversity during the pandemic, many of us needed to adapt by developing habits rooted in survival—survival for our mental and physical health. I knew early on that my mental health was going to need to be prioritized more than ever before.

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