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When it comes to getting the most exercise bang for your buck, strength training reigns supreme. Not only does it help you tone and maintain lean muscle mass—vital for an effective metabolism and everyday function as you age—it strengthens bones and decreases risk of injury.

Today I rolled up my sleeve and received the COVID-19 vaccine. As a physician, I welcome this medical development. I am eager to do whatever I can to help halt the scourge of this virus in our community. That tiny poke infused me with hope, gratitude and relief.

Mask wearing has become a staple in our everyday lives since the pandemic began. Though it's an adjustment and different from what we're used to, this simple practice is worth it to help keep yourself and others around you safe from a virus that doesn't discriminate.

Wearing a face mask to protect yourself and others has become a reality for all of us this year, including young children.

Bumping uglies, knocking boots, doing the deed—we know all the sex euphemisms, but let's dive deeper. Is sex really getting you off?

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