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The concept of "treating" ourselves has long been equated with indulgences and luxuries to be enjoyed sparingly. But what if treating ourselves really meant engaging in self-care?

As we leap into February, hearts surround us: in the stores, in our feeds, in every corner of our lives. Yes, yes. We get it. Valentine's Day is coming and love is in the air. And, while not all of us may have affection for that aspect of this second month of the year, all of these motifs are also a gentle reminder to take care of our hearts—in all ways! It's no mistake that February was chosen as Heart Health Month; it's simply hard to ignore.

As joyful as the holiday season can be, it's also a time that's difficult for many for a variety of reasons. Feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious and depressed are all too common, no matter your individual circumstances. To learn more about ensuring your mental health remains a priority this time of year, we connected with Dr. Charletta Dennis, Medical Director of Behavioral Health for Priority Health.

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