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It can be a tough call to know how involved your child should be in extracurricular activities—and to know how hard you should push your child to tough out a rough season or continue with lessons they aren't enthusiastic about.

Sometimes the holidays can feel like it's more about getting than giving. As you prepare for this festive season, here are a few tips to get your family, especially the younger members, to get into the spirit of giving.

Do you find yourself giddy with anticipation every November, as you prepare to climb into a tree blind and wait for the right buck to appear? Perhaps it's the thought of hitting a little white ball into 18 holes with as few strokes as possible that gets you going. Maybe you prefer using a jigsaw to create an intricate shape in the piece of wood you've been working on.

Having "The Sex Talk" with your children might seem terribly uncomfortable, but it's important for you to be their resource on the topic. That means talking about the subject in an ongoing manner, instead of a "one and done" approach.

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