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Family-GeocachingEntertain yourself and your family using the government's multimillion-dollar satellites. Don't worry, it's not illegal, it's geocaching!

Relationship-Gloves Off copySometimes it is necessary to take a step back from your relationships and analyze what is going right and what is not. There are some qualities in a relationship that cannot be compromised.

Relationships-NaughtyChildNo matter the age, background or culture, the desire for attention is universal. Attention can be sought in positive or negative ways, but ultimately, sticking to the positive is a more effective way to achieve the desired response. You can prove to your children that they are significant by acknowledging their positivity and useful contributions. Do not spend time acknowledging negative attention seeking. In this way, you will exemplify the uselessness of behavioral misconduct.

Relationship-FriendsHaving a positive quality of life is directly related to the strength of relationships. You can develop a pattern of optimism when you let go of trying to control the way others think and feel and focus on the good that already exists in them and in your relationships.

Relationship-TeamworkStop the deterioration of your relationship before it starts by avoiding miscommunication and unnecessary arguments. Read theses tips and implement them in any relationship:

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