Making (and keeping) New Friends

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Relationships-Making New FriendsEven in a region where thousands live, shop, and work, it can be hard to encourage the social butterfly within. It is comfortable inside a routine, but when that day-to-day ceases to include interaction with new faces or others in general, women can get stuck in the web of loneliness. How can you become an active socialite once more? Follow these tips, and you'll need both hands (and feet) to count the number of new friends you'll make.

Be sociable. When you meet someone new, talk about yourself, and your interests, but also ask questions. By doing this, you'll discover things you have in common, and you can use these similarities to build the foundation of your friendship.

Communicate. Communication isn't always about doing all the talking. Be an active listener, and ask questions to get to know the other person. Understand that you don't have to have everything in common. A good friendship involves people who appreciate each other for who they are.

Make plans. Friendship happens over time, so give your new acquaintance opportunities to get to know you better. Invite them to coffee, or to do something you both enjoy. Look for new experiences you can have together as well, such as volunteering or taking a class.

A rich social life can be fulfilling, and can foster in new experiences. It gives you a chance to share what you know, too. Start today. Break the ice with a smile.

Source: People Skills Decoded. Photo: Space Cadett

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