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Relationship-ParentsTeensA shrug of the shoulders, a long, awkward pause, exaggerated sighing and rolling eyes–all typical of a middle school student. But without open communication between parents and children, peer pressure and substance abuse will ensure your kids need more than an attitude adjustment.

Family-Bored Jar Cropped"Mom! Mom! Mom! MOM!!!! I'm bored." When is the last time you heard that? Is it happening right now? Before you shut yourself in the closet to escape, create a "bored jar," and curb your children's restlessness.

Relationship-Gyno CroppedHaving an open and trusting relationship with your obstetrician/gynecologist makes women less reluctant to strip down on appointment day or to make the date all together. Whether you've seen the same doctor for years or you're shopping for a new one, there are some things to consider before your your next Pap.

Family-Parent Death David Garzon CroppedA wave of grief crashes onto a wife who loses her husband, and children get pulled into the undertow. Maintaining strength in these heartbreaking circumstances is crucial, not only for yourself but for your children. They will look to their living parent to be sustained, and for hope.

Relatiionships-Girl FriendsWhether your ideal girlfriend date is at the coffee shop, the mall or cross-country skiing, make time for each other. E-mailing, although sometimes necessary, does not count! Set aside a half an hour this week, and give your girlfriend an old-fashioned phone call.
A little effort will better your relationships, but there are other rewards of friendship too. Gallup Poll Organizer Tom Rath says we glean habits, emotions and work ethic from our friends.  

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