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Become a board-certified traditional naturopathic doctor, licensed massage therapist, or holistic doula companion! Enter the world of true natural health.

After years of focusing on crisis management and keeping afloat, we've arrived at a moment when business leaders can now work toward sharpening leadership and pushing forward.

As a business owner or a people manager, you don't always have the resources to match bigger, more established companies. However, that doesn't mean that you can't achieve big things. Instead, you've got to be nimble and make the most of the resources you do have.

It's no secret that women have plenty on their plate and are giving of themselves constantly in both a personal and professional way, with many women increasingly examining the specific relationship between their occupation and overall identity.

When Lisa Miller opened LA Miller Boutique seven years ago in Rockford after hosting clothing pop ups around town, she did so with the goal of sharing clothing that made women feel good about themselves. And that goal was quickly accomplished.

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