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Blog-Heather Wedding biggerMy wedding is seventy-one days away (I could give you the number of hours, minutes, and seconds until the ceremony, too…), and although the ambience of the day is unfolding exactly how I have imagined it since I was five, I can't help but wish it was over already. Not because I am stressed or getting cold feet. Thanks to my mom, the liaison who's helped procure various vendor selections, there has been little anxiety. But what I really wish is that I would have married Rob yesterday.

KasieSAs a mom, you want nothing more for your kids than for them to live a long and healthy life (and for them to behave most of the time…). So, when your child is sick, your mom instinct kicks in.


There I was, running to the fuse box in my strawberry apron, and all for the sake of cheesecake.

JenniferWith Valentine’s Day this week, I’ve been thinking about a love/hate relationship I have…with my bangs. Come on…you know you’ve been in this same relationship at some point in your life.

StephanieIf you’ve ever read the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” then you know what I’m communicating. The book is all about change, and how important it is to adapt to it. Change is inevitable in life. Some people can handle it better than others, but not many people welcome it with open arms.
In our office over the past six months, we’ve gone through some major changes–some of it could be considered growing pains–but ultimately, it was all for the good. We’ve moved offices, hired several new people, launched a new website, and will soon launch the print publication. Amidst all of that, I personally moved positions, and have done a major conversion in our accounting department.
If you would have come into the office a couple weeks ago, you would have seen my boss, Kasie, and myself looking like zombies as we tried to figure out our new way of accounting for the company. It was definitely a case of “Who Moved the Cheese?” She was struggling. I was struggling. But we found opportunities to laugh through it.
Be open to change. Never stop learning. Don’t underestimate your capabilities to change.
And why Gouda? Why not! I’m Dutch so of course it needs to be Gouda!

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