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JulieSome may scoff at running outdoors in the wintertime, but for me, it is a necessary fact of life that helps me decompress. I prefer it to running in the heat, actually, even when the temperature drops.

JenniferIn her lifetime, my daughter has gone by many titles. All too soon, the little bundle of pink who was my baby turned into the young woman I affectionately call The Teenager. But now, with license in hand, and me in the passenger seat, we have entered a new stage of life. She is now officially The Driver.

KasieSThe New Year is the perfect time to start something new, don’t you think? That’s why we are so excited to launch WestMichiganWoman.com!

ErikaMy dish to pass at a recent family gathering was Rice Krispies, and although my pan was nearly licked clean, this cooking project did not start out so promising.

StephanieWhen I hear the cliché “Keeping up the Joneses,” I picture the 1950s - white picket fences, perfectly manicured lawns, beautifully dressed housewives, and a shiny new Chevy parked in the driveway. Call it “Leave It to Beaver.” Comparisons in the 1950s equated to your house, your car, your children, and your job.

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