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ErikaWest Michigan Woman magazine hit the road and headed to Muskegon last night for the third in a series of focus groups and networking mixers intended to spread the world about our print edition and gather input on what we've done and where we're going as a magazine. The first two get togethers were held in Grand Rapids and Holland. I grew up in Hamilton, so I understand the tight-knit, it's-a-small-world-after-all atmosphere that lingers on the lakeshore and makes its home around every corner of this place. But I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity in opinion we encountered in the various corners of the region.

What makes a good leader? Most often people answer this question with traits or qualities, like someone who motivates, inspires, challenges, has knowledge, and power. But, what makes someone a good leader isn’t about the qualities they possess—it’s the emotional response they evoke in people.

Growing up, my mom had some very memorable phrases. Looking back, I wish I had remembered listened more. Back then, I just thought she was crazy. Now, I realize the wisdom that was behind those statements, whether she intended their meaning or not. So, here are the top five phrases that have stuck with me through the years.

StephanieThings in my life are at a slight tipping point on a personal level. (Very long story, so don’t ask!) Do you find when you are dealing with personal stress that some days are “Just one of those days”? It’s the day when things aggravate you that don’t typically touch you. You hit all the lights red. There’s no good songs on the radio. The TP is out in the bathroom. One simple task turns into a four hour project.
How do you keep perspective?
How do you keep a sunny outlook?
How do you pull up your bootstraps?
Let’s start a list and add to it please!

A couple nights before graduation, I had a dream I showed up not in cap and gown but in a towel to receive my diploma. I'm going to interpret the dream as jitters and not a forecast an unprepared future, especially because I am preparedI already have a full-time job!

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