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ErikaI had the unique pleasure of spending two days with Laura Kaeppeler, Miss America 2012, this week. I'd interviewed her previously on the phone for one of our company's other publications, fourpoints magazine, and I had the sense that we were going to have fun.

KasieSBathing suit season is approaching faster than I realized. In fact, I leave for vacation in two short weeks. So, when my neighbor asked me a few weeks ago to try Kettlebell, I decided it was a good idea.

JenniferWhile wandering the streets of New Orleans, during what is their busiest celebration of the year–Mardi Gras–my sister and I noticed many local merchants rolling their eyes, sighing, and making snide comments about the chaos around them. They were done with the celebration, and wanted to go back to normalcy.

ErikaThis weekend was my first ever juice diet detox, and now that I'm coming out at the other end I'm hungry, slightly loopy, but nutrient-rich.

Blog-Heather Wedding biggerMy wedding is seventy-one days away (I could give you the number of hours, minutes, and seconds until the ceremony, too…), and although the ambience of the day is unfolding exactly how I have imagined it since I was five, I can't help but wish it was over already. Not because I am stressed or getting cold feet. Thanks to my mom, the liaison who's helped procure various vendor selections, there has been little anxiety. But what I really wish is that I would have married Rob yesterday.

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