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Lately, I find myself blaming my tight schedule for just about everything. When I double book something, it’s because it’s not on my schedule. If I run late, it’s because a meeting wasn’t on my calendar long enough. Or if I miss a meeting, it’s because I didn't see it on my schedule in general. Does this sound familiar to you?

As of last week, I became the new Editorial Intern for Serendipity Media! As a current college student, this was the best thing I could’ve asked for this semester!

Last week at our company's annual retreat, we, as a team, took a cooking class. There's always a little something exciting in the midst of the company retreat to keep employees on our toes and bring us together at the same time. My first year with Serendipity, we went ziplining. If that didn't show people's true colors, I don't know what would–except a cooking class.

I was late jumping on board with Pinterest. I did not need ONE more online account to manage and I didn’t understand how this would be a useful tool. My first impression, from hearing others talk about it, was that it was a big time waster. At first, I thought a little bit like my friend Kelly did…”I just don’t get it.”  

Starting my job at Serendipity wasn’t a dream come true. (Sorry, Kasie!) I had already lived much of my professional life, went through some tough life situations, and found myself in need of a job to help make ends meet for our family. The job kind of fell into my lap at the right time–sounds a little serendipitous, right?

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