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Endometriosis is a common disorder that affects women during their reproductive years. It occurs when endometrial tissue, which lines the uterus, grows outside the uterine cavity. This misplaced tissue may implant and grow anywhere within the abdominal cavity, or rarely in distant sites such as the naval or lungs. This tissue may grow in small, superficial patches called implants, in thicker, penetrating nodules, or it may form cysts in the ovary called endometriomas.

Heart disease came knocking on Holland nurse Sara Armstrong’s door when her partner came face to face with some serious heart health reports. With abnormally high cholesterol, the 52-years-old also had a family history of heart disease, and he decided, with Sara’s help, to make a change in his eating habits.

A healthy, well-balanced diet is vital for healthy, well-balanced living.  Admittedly, it is often difficult to give our body all of the nutrients it needs on a daily basis.  Life often gets in the way with unhealthy, convenience foods replacing the healthy, whole foods that are the cornerstone of health.  

Shake what your mama gave you, and add a weighted hula hoop while you're at it because, according to Merri Davis, founder of Hoop Happy Hoop Healthy, LLC in Muskegon, hula hoopers don't have muffin tops.

Wellness-Bite SplintCrunching noises should only happen in your mouth when you're eating a salad (ok Cheetos), not in your sleep. Grinding and clenching at night is bad for your teeth and your REM cycle. Prevent cracking, unnecessary wear, and jaw discomfort by investing in a bite splint.

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