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Hitting the treadmill or a kettlebell class in the early morning feels great to some—and like torture to others. Even if the gym isn't your happy place, fitness could still be part of your life.

There are many avenues to consider, and local fitness gurus Kathy Bartnick, Shape Your Life Studio owner; Katherine Miller, of FLEXcity; and Integrity Yoga owner Jessica Roodvoets offer tips for making exercise something you look forward to.

Find the Right Activity.

You might dance for fun. If you're not completely comfortable hitting the dance floor, line dancing could be a good starting place; the rhythms are steady and the movements repetitive. Zumba, swing, belly dancing, and even pole dancing are fun options, too.

While some love dancing's loud noise and boisterous atmosphere, others may value something more meditative. Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates provide a soothing experience, while improving balance, strength, and flexibility.

Carving away time from the family may be challenging. If so, find something they could also do. Try trampoline-based workouts with older children, or "Open Jump" and "Ultimate Dodge Ball" at your local trampoline center. Table tennis could provide more of a workout than you ever imagined: Host a family version of Wimbledon and get everyone moving!

Add activity into your lifestyle, beyond scheduled workouts. "An hour-long workout equates to four percent of your day," Miller said. "Going for a family bike ride or taking a trip to the park are simple ways to stay active and include your family." Taking the stairs, parking further away, and walking at lunch are small, but helpful, tweaks.

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