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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote the blog "Why Girlfriend Getaways After 40 are Better." Never did we anticipate that it would be so popular: The influx of traffic shutdown our website twice in two days! While the novice blogger in me would like to think it was the witty words about my experience in Cancun (or the photo of my 40-something friends rocking bikinis) that "broke the Internet," I know better. It was read and shared over and over because ... WOMEN ARE HUNGRY! Hungry for fun, new experiences, relaxation and, most of all, an escape from their everyday lives.

Discover one of Michigan's most beautiful scenic locations—and the quaint small towns and villages of Benzie County, an ideal Northern Michigan experience for a relaxing family getaway or a gift-buying trip. Whether you choose to visit for the holiday happenings, shopping or skiing, it's the perfect "not too far away" destination.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the resurgence of bed bugs is likely due to an increase in international and domestic travel, and resistance to pesticides, exacerbated by the public's lack of knowledge of prevention measures.

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