Rate Your Relationship

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Remember when you were a teenager, and Seventeen and YM had all of those quizzes to help you figure out if your crush liked you—or if your best friend was a user?

Are the myriad online quizzes purporting to rate your relationship the midlife equivalent? While taking such a quiz to evaluate your relationship may seem juvenile, the Wall Street Journal reports that couples may benefit from occasionally using these tools to get an objective view of behaviors and perceptions in their relationships.

If you're visiting a marriage counselor, a questionnaire in which you and your partner give numeric values to different markers of relationship quality may help your counselor have a clear idea of how each of you perceives your relationship. If you're not seeing a counselor, taking a relationship quiz and comparing your answers to your partner's might provoke meaningful conversation about your relationship. Especially if you're reluctant to bring something up, taking a quiz might give you an opportunity to start talking.

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