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One West Michigan mom started off her son's life of birthday partying with a successful bang. That’s right. You can plan a first birthday party that is fun for guests, your little one, and (surprise!) for you!

Entertain-Wine GlassesCheers to wine lovers everywhere! But are you using the right glass? Enjoy your various taste and color pallets by following this guide to knowing which wine glass to use for each aroma and flavor complexity.

Invitation Larger CropWe asked our designer Courtney Van Hagen to give us the skinny on designing the perfect invitations for any occasion. Whether you're planning a wedding, baby shower or a dinner with friends, we've got your details covered.

Entertain-Progression Party CroppedIf you have several friends who live close together, throw a progression party! Each house has its own theme, and serves an appetizer and drink. Try these real-life ideas from a West Michigan Woman staffer's 2012 New Year's Eve.

Entertain-Superbowl Drinks CroppedThere's more to watching football than beer and chips. Serve up something classy at your Super Bowl party and support your team.

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