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Unpacking the places you live inside and out.

Now that the sun is starting to shine a bit brighter and warmer days aren't far away, many people are getting their patios and other outdoor spaces ready for use. But before refreshing or upgrading your outdoor space, ponder what you'd like the purpose of the space to be, that way you can narrow down your choices if the idea of an outdoor overhaul seems a bit overwhelming.

Working from home during a global pandemic is not the same as working from home by choice in a "normal" world—and we shouldn't treat it as such.

2020 has been one hell of a year. The COVID-19 pandemic, the election, protests, and more—everything has been the perfect storm of anxiety and emotional exhaustion. The only way I was going to survive day-after-day was if I found a way to let off steam. I needed something that let me escape this year, even if only for a few hours at a time.

What makes a room—no matter its size or location—great? West Michigan Woman spoke with three experts to learn their top tips for a room that can't help but rank at the top of its class.

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