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Unpacking the places you live inside and out.

Whether you're working with sprawling acreage or a simple concrete balcony, your outdoor spaces should feel as though it's an extension of your abode—a welcoming space for rest, rejuvenation, and gathering with loved ones. It's worth making sure the spaces outside your home make you feel as content as the inside spaces do, now more than ever.

Ever heard the term "floriography"? Dating to the Victorian era, floriography—the language of flowers—used blooms as coded communication, to express feelings that otherwise could not be spoken. Clearly, flowers have had exceptional power for decades.

There’s No Place Like HOME.

Your home should be the place where worries melt away, family and friends gather, and good times happen.

We do it often with the clothes we wear, mixing up more expensive pieces of clothing with costume jewelry or affordable footwear. In the past couple of years, we have seen this concept move into our homes. It's known as "High/Low Home Décor"—and it's catching on here in West Michigan.

How does your home show character? It's all in the details that shout creativity.

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