Caring for Your Fiesta Dinnerware

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There's no doubt about it, Fiesta Dinnerware is durable. But throughout daily life, over time all dishware takes a beating. A little TLC can go a long way in helping your Fiestaware to always look its best and stand the test of time.

Gray marks on pottery are very common, especially on lighter glazed colors. This is not an imperfection in the ware. It's simply caused when metal flatware comes into contact with glazes that are actually a harder substance than the metal itself. Glazes look and feel smooth to the touch, but there are actually microscopic divots in all glazes where the marks collect as the flatware is moved over them. Many people may think the marks are scratches, however they are similar to pencil marks; usually with no damage to the glaze or pottery itself.

Metal markings can be removed by a wide variety of products on the market today, including Bar Keepers Friend. The product recommended to us by several customers and one we find works best is Wrights Copper Cleaner.

Dark glazes may show surface abrasions more readily. Using felt, paper towels or paper plate dividers between your dishes that have dark glazes will minimize any of those abrasions.

After extended use, it's not uncommon for coffee or tea stains to appear in cups or mugs. This can be very easily cured by placing warm water in the cup with a very small drop of regular household cleaner containing bleach. Simply let the pottery soak for a while, rub with a dish cloth and rinse thoroughly. Follow by washing normally in the dishwasher or sink to remove any residue.

Did you know? All Fiesta Dinnerware is fully oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, and is made to accommodate the food service industry, providing a broad range of functionality. Fiesta can safely go from the freezer to the oven, oven to the table, table to the dishwasher, and in the microwave. So, get creative with your recipes and don't be afraid to use and enjoy your dishes.

Fiesta Dinnerware is oven safe up to 350 degrees. While all pieces are temperature safe to 500 degrees, we don't recommend placing your dishes above or under a direct flame.

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Courtesy of Great Lakes Ace.

 Photo Courtesy of Great Lakes Ace Hardware. 


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