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Relationship-Office GossipOffice dynamics are tricky, and women have enough to balance between home life and career deadlines. But when an office gossip pokes her nose into the mix, the stress of sticking up for yourself and others can become overwhelming. Here are three ways to handle the office gossip:

  1. Give gossip a definition. When gossip starts ask yourself, what is the gossiper's motive? Could it be that she is jealous of another employee? Perhaps by trying to pass off gossip as concern for another employee, what the gossiper is really feeling is envious of someone's quick advancement or favor with the higher ups. Secondly, consider if the gossip has any basis. Check the facts before assuming there is truth to the gossip. False speculation can lead to unnecessary accusations.
  2. Turn the gossip frown upside down. When confronted with gossip, encourage positive conversation. Set a good example for employees or co-workers by building each other up. Focus on affirmative qualities of colleagues, and if there is someone who is falling behind, volunteer to help out instead of talking about her work ethic behind her back.
  3. Remedy the situation at once. Gossip left to flourish will spread like a weed. If you hear gossip within the workplace, do not be afraid to stand up for yourself or your co-workers. Perhaps the gossip stems from misunderstanding or miscommunication. By talking through the issue–calmly, and privately–you can smooth out any problems and ensure that they do not continue to grow.

Crop Annual Steve Smith Golfing Challenge 2Kristian Grant doesn't mind rolling up her sleeves if it means she can help others and network at the same time. She has been volunteering since she was an undergraduate at Michigan State University. The experiences have been fulfilling and allowed her to network for her career and personal life alike.

Family-Single ParentTake it from a mom who knows, being a single parent isn't the easiest thing in the world. Balancing work, being a mom, and alone time can be tough, but there are ups in the rollercoaster of single parenthood.

Family-Swimming Lessons croppedDrowning is the second leading cause of accidental death among children ages one to four, and ten to fourteen, according to 2011 statistics. More than 4,000 children drowned in 2010, and 65 percent of those children drowned in a backyard pool.

Relationships-Making New FriendsEven in a region where thousands live, shop, and work, it can be hard to encourage the social butterfly within. It is comfortable inside a routine, but when that day-to-day ceases to include interaction with new faces or others in general, women can get stuck in the web of loneliness. How can you become an active socialite once more? Follow these tips, and you'll need both hands (and feet) to count the number of new friends you'll make.

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