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Family-Address Aging Anissa ThompsonWhen the time comes, talking about aging can be difficult for parents and children. Here's how to ease into the subject with your mom or dad.

Small communities remind residents that it truly is a small world after all. As such, chances are if you have an ex living in the West Michigan vicinity, you'll run into him sooner or later. How do you break the ice when you see him for the first time? What's the best way to sound sophisticated, put together, and not at all like you're pining for the good old days? If you know, please tell us, because we don't, but we do have some tips for making that conversation as civilized as possible.

Family-EcosystemA small-scale ecosystem can have a big effect on how your family sees the environment. Sunday is Earth Day. Create the self-containing ecosystem out of recycled materials, and see a little piece of the Earth evolve right before your eyes.

Relationships-Personal CoachWe read a lot about relationships–how to get them, how to maintain them, what to do when we lose them. But what about entering into a relationship that will help you with all your other relationships? That's where Personal Coach Tricia Bosma comes in.

Family-Clean out your carThe floor of your car is a crumb-dirt-McDonald's straw paradise, and oh! What's that! The flip flop that disappeared last Fourth of July! Before you start feeling affectionate for the dust bunnies living under your passenger seat, take one woman's advice–vacuum.

Stephanie TeSlaa has a strong dislike for messes and the way they make her feel claustrophobic and disorganized, especially inside her car. With four kids, she has enough on her plate without having to carry in armfuls of stuff from her Suburban each day. So she's enforcing new rules for her family in hopes that the thorough cleaning she just gave her vehicle sticks longer than old gum in a soccer cleat.

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