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Family-FlubberIn just three steps, you'll have an afternoon of family fun. Bounce it, stretch it, smash it, make it! Your kids will love this rainy day activity.

Relationships - Cindy Lucy Covell"They don't fit in your pocket, you have to wear a fanny pack," –Bryce Compton, author, writer

Family-Interview BabysitterChildren are like treasures, precious and vulnerable, and as parents, women want to protect their gems as much as possible. Make sure your children are in good hands when you leave them with a babysitter. Interview caretakers and introduce your children to them before you leave home.

Relationships-Online Dating BuffetI had an online fish on the line for a couple of weeks but the short of it is, while that the fella wrote nice e-mails, and had a nice voice on the telephone, the line broke when he took me to a buffet for our first date. This is not the best place for steaming a plate full of romantic interest when the ambience is smothered with gravy, grits, and a passel of folks who are just concerned about how much they can pack into their gizzards for $9.99. I even broke down and told him I was a senior citizen so that he could get a discount on the tab. Who makes up this stuff?

I just couldn't warm up to him over my plastic glass of water and trying to figure out what line to get in with regard to the one-hundred fifty-nine food choices. What kind of a guy takes a gal to the buffet? I don't even eat at the buffet at Mexico travel destinations. It’s fine if you are ordering an omelet for breakfast but the rest of the meal choices are just that, choices. There are so many choices and I am a decision maker. So for $7.99 I chose the salad, seafood and seven glasses of water. Small talk after packing in as much as he could had my eyeballs swimming and looking for the nearest toilet. I struggle with going to the bathroom with strange men sitting across the table from me.

Family-BalanceMany women struggle to keep the scales of family and career balanced, and the weekend is hardly enough time to catch up on chores, rest, and parenting/spouse time, not to mention alone time. But it is possible to find that elusive equilibrium by deciding which tasks, no matter how big or small, are most important to you.

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