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Family-Parent Death David Garzon CroppedA wave of grief crashes onto a wife who loses her husband, and children get pulled into the undertow. Maintaining strength in these heartbreaking circumstances is crucial, not only for yourself but for your children. They will look to their living parent to be sustained, and for hope.

Relatiionships-Girl FriendsWhether your ideal girlfriend date is at the coffee shop, the mall or cross-country skiing, make time for each other. E-mailing, although sometimes necessary, does not count! Set aside a half an hour this week, and give your girlfriend an old-fashioned phone call.
A little effort will better your relationships, but there are other rewards of friendship too. Gallup Poll Organizer Tom Rath says we glean habits, emotions and work ethic from our friends.  

Family-Single Parent CroppedBeing a parent is tough enough, but what about when you're rowing the canoe on both sides? Although the thought of single parenthood seems strenuous, it is possible to provide your children direction and strength.

Relationships-20 Questions CroppedDo you remember the first movie you saw in the theater? Do you know the first movie your husband/boy friend/significant other saw in the theater? Trivial as it may seem, questions like this and those below demonstrate significant caring. Invest in each other and in your relationship by spending time getting to know the things that are commonly overlooked.

Family-Milk Caps CroppedFamilies with young children are beginning to implement chores into the daily routine. But like their working parents, children often feel the need to be compensated for their time and effort. Try this method of payment to teach children the worth of working hard.

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