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Set aside that Diaper Genie and try something our mothers can remember–cloth diapers. As alternative to disposables, these reusable and environmentally conscious diapers save space in your dumpster and in the landfills.

So you've decided to start a family, and baby makes three–but sometimes, it's not as easy as that.

On the outside, jealousy as an emotion seems common, and conquerable. But when the beast rears its ugly head, the emotion is anything but manageable and can bring out the worst reactions and fears. How can you really triumph over jealousy?

Carin Vogelzang is a mom on the go. Between various athletic events, music lessons and more, dinner can become a pit stop at the kitchen table instead of sit down family time. But Carin won't sacrifice her family's health or time together. She has a secret recipe to feeding her flock cheap and healthy meals.

Kathey Batey is the author of Suddenly Single, a book about how to transition into the single life and live it successfully. Kathey shared some advice with us reflecting on her own experiences as a speaker, author, and woman.  
West Michigan Woman: Tell us about your book, Suddenly Single. What inspired you to write it?
Kathey Batey: I wrote the book Suddenly Single as a gentle  guide for people in the pain and confusion of divorce or losing a spouse to death. Having experienced a divorce sixteen years ago, I understand the trauma of this event. However, this is a transition and not a destination. It is a  scary time but it is also one of the most powerful times to reinvent  yourself. The book is an easy read, I designed it that way, using quips and  quotes on the side of the pages to encourage those who don't have the strength  to read the whole book.

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